The Eden Centre

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On a recent holiday to Cornwall, we went to visit the Eden Project.

I won’t go into this as you can access their website and get all the information you need.

There are thousands of visitors each day and they all have to be fed and watered

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There are several cafes around the site, but in the main hall, between the two large domes there is a huge canteen This consists of 6 enormous tables, 2 central tables to prepare, chop and serve food and one either side for self service.

All the food is made on site, they have their own bakery that produces fantastic rustic breads and at each end of the 2 central tables there is a large bank of baker's ovens, that I presume cooks everything else.

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When we were there they had on offer, large bowls of Greek salad with a huge chunk of bread,(see pic) Large flatbread with a huge wedge of brie and salad etc    

Homemade soup just to mention a few of the selections.

You queue up and get whatever takes your fancy and sit down and eat.

Then when you have finished and the plates have been cleared away, you go to one of the tills and tell them what you had and then pay.

I am sure everyone is honest and does not abuse this.

But my main reason for writing this blog is what do they do with the waste / leftovers?

They have a recycling system and everything goes into the appropriate bin, i.e. tea bags coffee grounds, leftover food.

I asked one of the waiters, what happens to it at the end of the day, the answer was, it goes to the composter and comes out the other end in two weeks time.

How good is that!!!!.

I wish I had a method of using up all the peelings etc that came out as compost within two weeks’


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