Strawberry Delights

My next set recipes & pictures are all desserts and contain strawberries.

We get asked quite a lot in summer to do desserts with strawberries as this is when they are at their most tastiest, being grown in the UK and not forced under glass in foreign climes.

The one called Strawberry Fields came about when I was asked to design a menu around the Beatles songs as the future groom played in a  tribute band.  

That menu is on our website.

The Strawberries three ways was a request from a customer wanting a dessert for a dinner party using strawberries and chocolate, so I came up with this. So you can impress your friends at your next dinner party good luck, and best wishes,

bon appétit!



I can’t make a strawberry dessert without incorporating this coulis, it just lifts the whole thing and tastes wonderful.

                        Strawberry Coulis


                        1 Punnet of strawberries

                        Crème de cassis

  • Hull the strawberries and wash and pat dry. Put them into a liquidizer and pour in the cassis to come 2/3ds the way up the jar
  • blitz on high 10 seconds or until all the strawberries have liquidized, pour into a squeezy bottle and store in the fridge, this keeps quite a long time due to the high alcohol content.

This is good with fan of melon or melon pearls or drizzled over ice cream or any number of recipes.

This is one of my favorite coulis, a couple of recipes will follow.


As I said previously the next 2 desserts are made with strawberries and make a wonderful and easy presentation for a dinner party dessert the first one I have already mentioned was part of a menu for a Beatles theme, the second one came about when I was asked to make a  dessert using strawberries and chocolate, the event was quite large so I needed something that was quick to assemble hence strawberries three ways.

In both these desserts I have used strawberry cheese cake, so I will give you my recipe for this and then go on to the next two.

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    Strawberry Cheesecake.  


1 Large pkt of digestive biscuits

2 Heaped table spoons golden syrup

5 oz Butter

1 Pint of double cream

3 Table spoons of coulis (see above)

10 oz Caster sugar

 1 1b Full fat cream cheese

                                                      ½ to 1 Punnet of chopped strawberries


To decorate, strawberries use whipped cream and basil leaves.

  • Put the biscuits in a polythene bag and bash with a rolling pin until crumbly.
  • Heat the golden syrup in a pan with the butter until dissolved and stir in the biscuit crumbs.
  • Line the base of a 10”spring form cake tin with a few layers of cling film pour in the biscuit crumbs and press down firmly, grease the sides. Put in the fridge to cool.
  • In a clean bowl whip the cream cheese with the sugar
  • In a separate bowl whip the cream until stiff and fold in the coulis and strawberries then fold in the cream cheese mixture.
  • Pour the mixture into the tin and leave to set in the fridge for at least 4 hours
  • Take out of the fridge, release the spring and gently ease the cake out, use a palette knife to ease the base from the cling film and plate
  • Decorate to your liking and serve or use on one of the desserts that follow.

Good luck!!


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                Strawberry Fields Forever



White chocolate ice cream

Chocolate decoration

Strawberry cheese cake (see above)

2 Large strawberries

Strawberry coulis (see above)



  • Fan the 2 strawberries
  • place a piece of cheesecake on a large plate
  • top with a strawberry fan
  • Put the other fan on the plate, then put a scoop of ice cream on and dot with coulis, serve.


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  • Slice of strawberry cheese cake
  • Chocolate cup
  • White chocolate ice cream
  • A few chopped strawberries and slices
  • 2 Strawberries fanned
  • Strawberry fool or yoghurt
  • Strawberry coulis.


  • In a shot glass put in some chopped strawberries and top with some coulis and the fool or yoghurt
  •  decorate with sliced strawberries.
  • Fill the chocolate cup with ice cream arrange all these on a plate
  • top the ice cream and cheese cake with the strawberry fans Dot with the coulis and serve.

Wait for your guest reaction. Ooh!!!


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